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Digital Business Support Platform

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Facility Management
A Digitized Way

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Digital Business Support Platform

This cutting-edge software solution revolutionizes facility management operations by offering comprehensive support across various activities

Facility Management
As a Service

Our platform caters to a wide range of operational activities within facility management, including maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, vendor management, and more. It serves as a centralized hub for streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency


Leveraging technology platforms to streamline service delivery, enhance efficiency, and provide on-demand access to facility management services.

On Demand / Just In Time

Bringing On-Demand Facility Management as a Service: With the Digitized Business Support Platform, Keabis Tech introduces the concept of on-demand facility management as a service. This innovative approach allows businesses to access top-tier facility management solutions as needed, optimizing resource utilization and reducing overhead costs

Tangible ROI

By leveraging our platform, customers can expect tangible returns on investment. Through improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced service delivery, businesses can realize significant cost savings and drive bottom-line growth


Corporate Real Estate

We offer bespoke solutions designed to meet the unique needs of corporate environments, ensuring seamless management of facilities and infrastructure


Retail & Mall

In the fast-paced world of retail, our solutions enable efficient management of shopping centers and malls, enhancing the customer experience while optimizing operational workflows


Residential & Appartments

We provide comprehensive solutions for residential properties, facilitating effective management of amenities, maintenance tasks, and resident interactions

Facility Management
A Digitized Way

Better future business prospects

Enhanced opportunities for future business growth and success through digital facility management solutions

Maximum cost optimisation

Maximizing efficiency while minimizing expenses through Keabis DBSP package

Real-time data tracking

It ensures timely responses to issues, enhances efficiency, and facilitates informed decision-making for seamless facility operations

Enhanced technological adaptation

Technological advancements optimize digital facility management, enhancing efficiency and performance

System-generated reports available at any point of time

Instant access to system-generated reports in digital facility management optimizes oversight.

Clear visibility of the tasks performed

Clear visibility of tasks performed ensures efficient operations,

Easy assessing of productivity with respect to timelines

Effortless productivity evaluation against timelines in digital facility management

Predictive Analysis for future endeavours

Predictive analysis guides future decisions in digital facility management

" Digitization Is Not An Option
It's Way Forward "

Digital Operating Models

We strive to develop comprehensive value-added solutions at low costs. Our solutions are directed towards an increase in efficiencies and performance at work. "Whether it’s a solution or a program" : Keabis delivers.

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