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Keabis Attendance Management System is your all-in-one solution for efficiently managing attendance-related activities. Leveraging facial recognition technology, our system ensures accurate and secure attendance tracking, eliminating the risks of buddy punching and incorrect check-ins.
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Facial Recognition

Utilize cutting-edge facial recognition technology for secure and accurate attendance tracking, ensuring accountability and preventing fraudulent activities.


Real-Time Dashboard

Access real-time attendance data through an intuitive dashboard, providing valuable insights into employee attendance patterns and trends.


Payroll-Ready Reports

Generate payroll-ready reports effortlessly, streamlining payroll processing and ensuring accurate compensation for employees.


Payroll Group Configuration

Configure payroll groups according to your organizational structure and requirements, facilitating seamless payroll management for different employee categories.


Contractual and Distributed Workforce Support

Designed to meet the needs of contractual and distributed workforces, Keabis Attendance Management System offers flexibility and scalability for organizations of all sizes and structures.


Geo-Fenced and Geo-Tagging

Implement geo-fenced and geo-tagging-based attendance systems to ensure accurate tracking of employee locations, enhancing compliance and accountability.


Rule Engine

Customize attendance rules and policies with our rule engine, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational policies.


Compliance Management and Alerts

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements and receive alerts for any deviations from attendance policies, enabling proactive intervention and enforcement.


Dynamic Shift Creation and Rostering

Easily create and manage dynamic shifts and rosters to accommodate changing workforce needs and schedules.


Hassle-Free Integration

Seamlessly integrate with external systems for hassle-free data exchange and interoperability, ensuring smooth operations and data consistency across platforms