Cafeteria Management System helps in managing cafeteria operations primarily in multi-tenanted facilities and vendor managed food courts in organizations. Being inclusive of features such as food orders, billing & payment, app also comes along with integrated system that'll be fully accessible to all the key stakeholders. Digital signage for menu displays, chef’s kiosks, POS systems, and smart mobile apps eliminates the queues ensuring seamless catering operations.

Key Features

Mobile app access for customers.

Customers/Employees gets the option to pre-order food.

Automatic pick up time slot allocation to manage the crowd.

Pay online.

Footfall sensors to identify the occupancy in the cafeteria.

Occupancy display at the cafeteria entrance.

Food & nutrition suggestion based on the past order.

Insight to the HR department about consumption pattern

Helps HR teams to customize the food menu based on the common nutrition need.

Link with payroll for subsidized food.

Access for a vendor to manage the food menus.

Employee/Customer feedback mechanism