FM Service providers have seen tremendous growth since last few years. It has spread its wings both geographically and in terms of number of clients. With the future visibility FM as a sector will grow not less than 25% YoY starting from FY 18-19 as per the prediction. With this expansion, FM Service providers will enter many critical sectors where customers are very demanding, and margin of error is very low. Also, this demands substantial management bandwidth to ensure operations are running smooth and client expectations are met. Monitoring of operations remotely is becoming a daunting task. To address one of the core operational challenges, Keabis e_CheckList has been designed to deliver electronic check sheet.

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Operation & Key Modules

e-Checklist will enable supervisors to submit the facility checklist report. On time notification and escalation can be sent as per the defined workflow to respective authorities for appropriate action to be taken. Customers will be able to access the reports and raise their concerns which will be received by Supervisors real time to resolve the issues at the earliest.

Areas which need to be attended by Supervisors will be mapped through QR code and scanning the QR code will populate the checklist for that particular area. E-Checklist will enable the employee and employer to go paperless and have the access to pull out any relevant information based on the role and access provided to them. e-Checklist being the major module and rest of the actions are initiated from e-Checklist it demands automation through a digital way and Keabis e_CheckList is the appropriate solutions.

  • Submission of checklist through QR code
  • Manage Customer Complaints
  • Resolve Escalation
  • Notify Supervisor for non-submission
  • Daily Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Daily Time Entry
  • Location Audit
  • Auditor Review
  • Area Manager Presense Automated
  • Customer Feedback Reports