Self Supervison Through IoT

Smart Building System

Through Internet Of Things

Smart Meeting Room

A smart meeting room is an intelligent space that integrates hardware and software in the meeting room.

Smart Restroom

Smart Restroom System is a maintenance free technology that consists of People Density Counter and Ammonia Sensor.

Smart Parking System

Keabis is the only All-in-one extensive system in the world with our device, GPS and Scheduling all included


The Artificial Intelligence Facility management provides for solutions that are derived from cross channel inputs and operation pattern

Smart Security System

A security system that requires supervision only remotely and also caters for wide functions through digitized mediums enhances the efficiency and also reduce OPEX. These mediums are user friendly and easily adaptable.

Smart Cafeteria

Enforce punctuality with auto attendance rules for late coming, short hours or missing attendance

Smart Restroom System

Designed to be maintenance-free, cost-effective, and has a scalable sensor network system it comprises hardware with ultra low power sensors, algorithms, gateway, server, and interfaces software that performs mesh data collection, data storage, and mining, data exploration, and visualization.

Through data management and mining, the frequency of usage and the ammonia level can be computed and alerts can be sent via SMS and Notification, A web-based application that provides an extensible suite of tools that allows users to explore and visualize the collected sensor data

Why Smart Restroom System

Allow you to know which toilet gets more usage than others

Increase productivity by deploying manpower to where it needs most